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Engage teachers in learning about Common Core by offering a
Book Study for your next PLC!!!

Our Digital PD provides you, your school, or your district with the latest information and helpful tools on Common Core as you read the "most popular book in education this year " 

Pathways to the Common Core:Accelerating Achievement

Embedded in the Online Module:
Close Reading
Text-dependent Questions
Developing a Customized Plan for your Common Core Aligned Classroom!

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Perfect for School/District PLC's
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Sample of Chapter 2 & 3

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                     Book Summary:

"As challenging as it must have been to write and finesse the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, that accomplishment is nothing compared to the work of teaching in ways that bring all students to these ambitious expectations.

The goal is clear. The pathway is not."
-Lucy Calkins, Mary Ehrenworth, and Christopher Lehman

The Common Core is written, but the plan for implementing the Common Core is not.

Designed for teachers, school leaders, and professional learning communities looking to navigate the gap between their current literacy practices and the ideals of the Common Core,

Pathways to the Common Core will help you:
* understand what the standards say, suggest, and what they don't say;

* recognize the guiding principles that underpin the reading and writing standards;
* identify how the Common Core's infrastructure supports a spiraling K-12 literacy curriculum; and

* scrutinize the context in which the CCSS were written and are being unrolled.
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