Books With Friends is a high-interest non-traditional classroom that creates the spark needed to motivate students to read.

Books With Friends was created because of insufficient student growth after completing various intervention programs. Unfortunately, students are not receiving sufficient time in guided reading with their teacher nor or they reading enough independently. Most intervention programs seem to be computer-based instead of realizing the effectiveness of having a teacher to guide, model and respond to texts.

Books With Friends is the only intervention program that can be used for struggling and proficient readers at the same time. In a typical Books With Friends classroom the teacher teaches six classes of Books With Friends; four classes are for struggling readers and two classes are reserved for those proficient students close to becoming advanced.

Students read high-interest books on their instructional level along with the support and guidance of their teacher. If available, Books With Friends books and the curriculum are downloaded on e-readers/tablets in e-book format.

The Books With Friends classroom is non-traditional in that décor is similar to Barnes & Noble and Starbucks. Students in Books With Friends become highly motivated to read as they become more and more engaged in critically thinking their way through texts.

Books With Friends utilizes a Hybrid Model to provide customized trainings, coaching, modeling and support throughout the year. The Hybrid Model allows for two days of training and coaching up front followed by pod-casts, forums, blackboard assignments (CEU option) and live online support. The remaining two days are scheduled throughout the year with the Books With Friends teachers.

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