Effective & Engaging Instructional Delivery Strategies & Lessons for Cutting-Edge Classrooms

What is ActivThink?

ActivThink is a cutting-edge teacher training program with an emphasis on delivering quality instruction in 21st century K-12 classrooms. ActivThink improves instruction through the use of the ActivThink Lesson Plan Checklist and ActivThink Foundational Strategies. Generative “thinking skill” strategies are used to build the ActivThink lessons. Teachers actively embedding ActivThink Strategies into daily plans are able to create lessons in which students are able to describe, associate, analyze, argue and apply their knowledge.

ActivThink choreographs the following components into engaging and powerful lessons in order to increase student achievement and critical thinking and prepare students to be college and career ready:
  · Integration of reading, writing, language, speaking and listening into
     all content areas

  · Cooperative learning
  · Performance-based tasks and assessments
  · Inquiry-based learning
  · Integration of available technology

Gradual Release of Responsibility Model

is from which the hybrid on-line model ActivThink has evolved. This model provides the foundation for the ActivThink lessons and is attributed to Russian psychologist, Lev Vygotsky and articulated later by Pearson and Gallagher (1983). The GRRM consists of 3 stages and illustrates the transition from a teacher-centered classroom (lecture-style) to a student- centered classroom (performance-based tasks).

TEC Teach K12 consultants work with teachers to create appropriate balance between the three phases. The GRRM model emphasizes the transition process during a lesson from a high-profile teaching phase through an extended period of supported practice to an eventual independence with the student in charge.

ActivThink Training & Support

ActivThink training has evolved over time in order to meet the demands of an ever changing educational and technological environment and our hybrid model allows teachers to receive a more personal approach to training and the opportunity to be immersed in a broader ActivThink community.

ActivThink's hybrid model consists of four on-site training days along with an online component. The four days include an introduction, two modeling and observation days, and a final culmination day. The online component of ActivThink allows teachers to access trainings, podcasts, and videos on their own time.

ActivThink allows teachers to become immersed in an online community that allows them to view other teachers’ ActivThink lessons, join and discuss topics surrounding instructional design and delivery with other ActivThink teachers while having the ability to upload lessons for feedback from the TEC Teach K12 consultants.

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