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We are Mississippi's leader in integrating Digital Technology into K-12 classrooms. We offer customized coaching and online support as
needed in the follow areas:
  - ActivThink Instructional Delivery Strategies
  - Books with Friends Intervention Program
  - Common Core
  - Literacy
  - Technology
  - Digital Literacy

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TEC Teach K12 consultants typically work on an individual basis with teacher lesson plans to create a seamless inquiry-based lesson that incorporates technology and performance-based tasks and culminates with assistance in creating performance-based assessments.

Our products, ActivThink, Common Core Lesson Planner and Books With Friends, embed the most current research-based strategies. In order to provide the very best support, create sustainability and keep costs competitive, our products utilize a Hybrid Online Model.

TEC Teach K12 consultants provide a minimum of four on-site coaching days along with continuous online support.
Please feel free to contact us to schedule demos of our varied services and products for district personnel, lead teachers and principals. We guarantee you will be pleased with our professionalism, product knowledge and affability.

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